“Best Latin Kids'Music ” full article

“Latin Children’s Music Artists You Should Know” full article


"This debut is an instant classic for bilingual families and beyond."


"With the spirit in which family music great Pete Seeger brought "Guantanamera” to English-speaking audiences, Sonia de los Santos sings a beautiful Spanish version of “This Land is Your Land” on her new children’s album.


"Five Artists to Watch at LAMC" full article

Spare Times for Children:
"Music is a medium that knows no borders, and in this concert, part of the Just Kidding series at Symphony Space, Sonia de los Santos will show how the songs of her native Mexico have enriched her life in the United States, and vice versa." full article





“New Kindie for Hispanic Heritage Month ”
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"Like its title, the album exudes joy, joy for the soul-feeding stuff of life: community, diversity, adventure, nature, discovery, and culture."

"The album immediately projects a collaborative, global sound featuring many heavy-hitters in the Kindie recording world such as Elizabeth Mitchell, Samuel Torres, Dan Zanes and Claudia Eliaza to name a few. The instrumentation and arrangements are solidly in the traditional folk music of Latin America which gives the album a satisfying sonic depth, music coming from a respected and treasured heritage."

"Soulful, personal and universal at the same time ¡Alegria! is a beautiful album definitely worth discovering as a family. Check it out!"




 7 Fun and easy ways to teach kids indigenous Latino history

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Spanish Playground -

"Mi Viaje" album review - full article


"These songs are real music in real Spanish about real life."


"Connected by the Spanish language and universal themes, these songs build on each other to create a wonderful listening and learning experience for children."




5 artists of color to celebrate in kids music after Grammys controversy full article


Hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, De Los Santos was also a member of Zanes' troupe who stepped out with her 2018 album "Alegría," a blend of ranchero, mariachi and traditional Mexican folk influences in both Spanish and English.



Musical ¡Alegria! from Sonia de los Santos

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“While there is power in happiness, ¡Alegria! also celebrates the resiliency of happiness. Whether it’s monarch butterflies (“Mariposa Montuna”) or rabbits (“Hey Little Bunny”) or the unending love of parents (“Wherever You Go”), the sheer endurance of these things offer hope and inspiration every day."

"Sonia asserts that our differences should bring us together as a community, not divide us. Basically, that would result in Alegría for all."


“Mi Viaje winner of GOLD AWARD ”

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"Sonia de Los Santos is an immigrant to the United States who chronicles her move from Nuevo León, Mexico, on the Texas border, to New York and points in between. Through lullabies, ballads, and mariachi music she offers personal stories with universal appeal, inviting her listeners to join her on the journey as she learns a new culture and in the process, feels even closer to her own heritage."


"Mi Viaje is professionally and exquisitely produced with family-friendly cover art, fun fonts, and happy graphics all beckoning to be played."



 Sonia De Los Santos: Embajadora Cultural de Latinoamérica

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“Con la bandera de México bien puesta y con la esperanza de ser la embajadora de la cultura latinoamericana, Sonia De Los Santos busca dar a conocer los verdaderos sonidos de la música latina".

"La cantante a través de su música busca abordar temas como la igualdad, la convivencia, la honestidad y migración, sin que haya una especie de miedo de por medio. Y de esta manera plantar una semilla en las familias y en especial en los pequeños."


"Mi Viaje" album review - full article


“De Los Santos travels the Spanish speaking hemisphere to dip into a broad series of styles (...) Definitely recommended."


"Mi Viaje" featured in the "Ten Great Spanish-Language Kids Music Albums"  full article


"It takes a very broad view of Spanish-language music, covering songs from either side of the Atlantic Ocean and recounting, in a manner of speaking, her own journey from Mexico to New York City."



!Alegria! review

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"Befitting the title, these delightful tunes celebrate the happy moments of life, featuring music that evokes the innate joy of dance and celebration. Alegria is the perfect family pick-me-up to counter a bad day, highly recommended!"


Alegria! performed by Sonia De Los Santos

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"Throughout the twelve songs on this album, Sonia reminds us to find the happiness in both the exciting times as well as the quiet moments in the day."

"Complex vocals are woven together with fast moving melodies to create gorgeous musical tapestries in songs like, “Colibri Amarillo” and “Los Pajaritos.”

Starred Review:
"While this is a must-have for collections serving Spanish-speaking populations, this album will be right at home in any library" full article


"From Monterrey to New York music translates everywhere"
"Walls separate people, bridges connect. It’s something to consider when you see people expanding their horizons and spreading positive vibes for a change. One such woman is Sonia De Los Santos"  full article





"Sonia de los Santos brings her children's songs to New York"

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"Sonia De Los Santos plays a variety of

Mexican music for kids that can best be

described as delightful." full article

"Plasma en disco viaje de Nuevo León a Nueva York"
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Sonia De los Santos y su viaje musical “De Nuevo León to the New York Island”
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"'Txoria txori' kantak Mexikoraino egin du hegan"
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"Una artista mexicana versiona

'Txoria, txori', de Mikel Laboa"
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